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purchased a 2008 f350 diesel 6.4 from the company above.ever since i bought the truck ive had a severe exhaust smoking problem.

i had the truck in the shop a number of times for the problem. the answer i always got its normal to smoke. i figured they knew what they were talking about. so i kept driving the truck and it kept smoking.

i bought and extended warranty in case after the dealer limited warranty ended. so a bout to weeks ago close to three now. i got a ticket for excessive smoking. i took the truck back to the dealer with the ticket.

this was about the 8th or 9th of january. the dealer satd they checked the truck out. they couldn,t find anything wrong. therefore they wrote me a letter to sebd to the court.

stating everything was operating normal and they couldnt fine a reason for the smoking. other than normal the beginning of this week i took the truck back again because im always getting the tuned has changed i need almost $3000.00 worth of work to repair the truck. my extended warranty cover most of the cost. but the part that is causing the smoking problem, that i was told was normal.

isnt covered under the warranty. and its the reason for the problem since i purchased the truck.the cost of the part is $1800.00. and i dont feel i should be liable for it, because i had the truck in the shop many times for the problem.

nwhile it was under the limit dealer they told the court a week ago there wasnt anything wrong.

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